YG Entertainment revealed on May 11th that Se7en’s new album will be delayed till July.


A spokesperson revealed that although Se7en’s comeback was scheduled for May/June, several reasons have resulted in the decision to delay the comeback till July. First of all, they want to put more into the whole production of the album to make it more perfect since he has not released an album for so long. Secondly, YG is in the process of discussing how to make the music video better with the director and they plan to finish the music video before the release of the album. Thirdly, the World Cup which is a huge event in Korea will take up the whole of June and in addition, Gummy is receiving a great response for her album at the moment, so YG wants to concentrate on promoting Gummy for now.


They had thought of making Se7en’s comeback day on the 7th of July and thought it would be a good idea to release the album during a Se7en related month.


The 6 new songs for this album have all been recorded and the title song has also been decided.


News source: Asia economy, Star news

Translated by Cecilia