Singer Se7en revealed his surprise transformation.

Se7en updated his Twitter with the message, “It has been a long time since I’ve transformed my hair.” Along with his Tweet he uploaded the following picture for fans to view.

Se7en was pictured relaxing with his black hair while wearing a simple white t-shirt. The combination helped to enhance his natural, innocent charm. In the past, Se7en had sported a series of light brown hairstyles. So it was quite a surprise for followers when he posted a picture of himself with black hair.

Netizens reacted to the photo with comments such as, “It’s a nice change,” “I’m not sure if it suits you,” “You look like a ten-year-old boy,” “Even your expression fits your hair. Very youthful and “That style doesn’t seem to fit you.”

What is your reaction to Se7en’s drastic hairstyle transformation? Do you prefer him with his natural color or something else?