The well-known hip hop duo Jinusean’s Sean and actress Jung Hye Young gave birth to their fourth child today on July 16th! Happy birthday and welcome to this wonderful world, little princess!

Earlier today, Sean shared his great happiness with all the fans on twitter, “Great gift from God, a precious little princess was born today, my 4th baby. I call her little Hye Young, I wanna declare my self, happiest man ^^” 

The lovely couple are well-known for their charity activities such including sponsorship of more than 200 children in Korea and overseas. The two married in August of 2004 and have a daughter, Haeum, and two sons, Harang (also known as the mini Taeyang) and Hayul. And today, one more member is added to this happy family!

Congratulation to the happiest man in the world!!