Jinusean’s Sean has surprised everyone with the news that he has been helping to build Korea’s very first children rehabilitation hospital.

The fundraising project for the hospital, named Purme Foundation Nexen Hospital started back in 2010. The seven-year-old project officially opened on April 28 in Seoul’s Mapo District. Sean was the project promotion ambassador for Purme Foundation in 2011. During that period, the singer contributed in variety of ways to help realize the hospital.

The father of four has run many fundraising campaigns, which included him participating in an Ironman triathlon, a cycling race, and 20 other sports fundraiser events. He also involved the general public in his online fundraising campaign, “My Bean Is Running! Good Action by Sean” on the Korean donation website Happy Bean.

In addition to that, Sean and his wife, actress Jung Hye Young, donated 200 million won (approximately $175,600) when they were invited to The Miracles’ donation gathering. The Miracles’ is a donating group that has donated a large amount to the Purme Foundation.

Sean and his wife has since donated 600 million won (approximately $526,800) to the children’s rehabilitation hospital.

The musician has been a great source of influence in YG Entertainment in fostering a culture of charity in the agency. It is evident in every YG artists’ concerts, where there are always campaign booths for YG community service campaign, YG WITH, YG charity foundation, Muju YG Foundation along with Purme Foundation.

Sean, who has been the forefront in realizing the children rehabilitation hospital, is also active in many other charity organizations.

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