Sean and his wife Jung Hye Young have made it a tradition to do social work and help the less fortunate every wedding anniversary and this year is no exception. They have even expanded their passion and influenced their entertainment agency, YG Entertainment, to be more involved in charity work.

On October 23, Sean wrote on his twitter, “For our wedding anniversary this year as well, Hye Young and I went to ‘Bab For.’ We started saving a 10,000 won (~$10) every day since the day after our wedding anniversary last year. We collected 3,660,000 won and donated to ‘Bab For.’ We spent the day with the homeless and the elderly.” He has also included a picture to celebrate their meaningful time together. The husband and wife are cutely standing in front of the center holding hands and wearing orange aprons.

As the couple have saved 10,000 won every day since their wedding, they have already saved and donated roughly 30,000,000 won (~$30,000) to charities.

Sean continued, “Until such hardships like starvation cease, Hye Young and I will continue to live each day joyfully saving and giving back to the needy.”

Netizens who saw the picture and the post commented, “It’s great to see a couple volunteer and help with charity work,” “They are such a desirable celebrity couple,” “They are role models all right.”

Soompiers, it’s great to see their love and passion to help the needy. Who are some other celebrities you think of when you hear the words “charity work”?