Sean, from 90s group Jinusean, planned a special event for his actress wife Jung Hye Young.

On October 28, he posted a picture on his twitter along with the comment, “Here’s the couple uniform Hye Young and I wore when we were the pitcher and batter earlier today for the 3rd round of 2012 Korean Series. There’s a special secret with the uniforms.” Many netizens expressed their interest wanting to know what that “special secret” could be.

He revealed 12 hours later, “The secret of the uniform is on the numbers in the back. It’s been 4325 days since Hye Young and I met.” The picture shows that when combined, the uniforms spell out the numbers 4325 creating a meaningful keepsake to celebrate a meaningful event.

Netizens who are in on his secret exclaimed, “I’m not crying. It’s because I’m jealous,” “Wow, where is a man like this?” “I heard that Jung Hye Young also treats Sean really well.”

Soompiers, it’s wonderful to have such role model couples in the entertainment industry. Is there any other such couple?