Most fans are level-headed, but there are a few who would risk life and limb for their favorite K-pop group. There are fans like that now, and there were fans like that back then.

90s K-pop group Sechs Kies reunited for the first time in 16 years for a special nostalgia series on MBC’s variety show “Infinite Challenge.”

In an interview that aired on the April 23 episode of “Infinite Challenge,” Eun Ji Won, who was Sechs Kies’ leader tells a story about a fan who put herself in a dangerous situation. The group was in the van, driving on the highway, when they kept hearing cars honking at them. They turned on the back view camera and what they saw had them all screaming in fear and surprise. A young student’s face appeared on the screen; a girl was hanging onto the van in the back.

The members immediately called for the van to stop, and fortunately, the girl was sent safely back home.

infinite challenge
Eun Ji Won also talks about the time when their group’s fans and Shinhwa’s fans got into a fist fight in front of the MBC building. A camera director tried to stop the fight, but was hit in the process.

Do you think fans were worse or better back then?