On the  morning of March 29, a family memorial service was held for the second anniversary of singer-actor Choi Jin Young’s death at Kapsan Park. It was an intimate gathering of family and few friends.

His mother, who lost both daughter, actress Choi Jin Shil, and son, Choi Jin Young, sobbed, “On a beautiful day like this…I am dealing with this and living on, but what was so distressing to make you go first? Are you living well with your sister in heaven? I hope you both take care of each other and lean on one another.”

At the memorial service, actor Kim Seung Hyun, who was very close to Choi Jin Young, was the only celebrity who attended. The reason why the service was so intimate was because of Choi Jin Young’s mother. Her health condition isn’t good right now and she wished to have just a small memorial service with family. That is why the press was also not present. However, it is being said that some friends went the day before or early in the morning to pay one’s respect. Choi Jin Shil’s son and daughter, nephew and niece to Choi Jin Young, could not go to the memorial service because of school.

Choi Jin Young is the younger brother of Choi Jin Shil, the late actress who was once regarded the “nation’s sister” for her explosive popularity. On October 2, 2008, however, she commited suicide, creating one of the most shocking news in Korean entertainment history. Two years later, her younger brother Choi Jin Young also took his life. The cause of both deaths were reported to be chronic depression.