The members of Secret celebrated their 8th anniversary as a group, as well as member Hyosung’s birthday, through their social media accounts on October 13.

Song Ji Eun took to her personal Instagram account to share a photo of the three members with the caption, “To celebrate Secret’s 8th anniversary since our debut and Hyosung’s birthday. The unwavering support we’ve received from Secret Time [official Secret fan club name] has given us so much happiness and energized us. Though I still have a long way to go, I hope to become someone who can repay all of the love I have received~ #Secret Time #I love you #Let’s be together forever”

Jung Hana also shared a photo on her Instagram and wrote, “We were so young and full of energy when we made our debut, and we’re already at our 8th anniversary and I’m 28 years old.. haha. I’m always grateful, thank you, I love you. #I’m not young anymore and I have a cold #Being one with the bed #Be careful not to catch a cold #Happy birthday Hyosung”

Hyosung also wrote on her Instragram, “#Jun Hyosung #Birthday #Happy Hyosung Day and #Debut #8th Anniversary Thanks for #Secret Time #Super Star #891013 #Today is Friday the 13th”

Secret made their debut in 2009 and have released hits like “Magic,” “Shy Boy,” and “Love is MOVE.” The group originally had four members but former member Han Sun Hwa made her departure in 2016, and the group has continued their activities as three members.

Congratulations to Secret on their 8th anniversary and happy birthday to Hyosung!

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