Secret has officially started their Japanese promotions on August 3rd with the release of their first Japanese single, “Madonna.”

“Secret signed a contract with Sony Japan, and with their full support, will begin Japanese promotions. We’re releasing Secret’s hit single, ‘Madonna,’ on August 3rd,” the group’s Korean agency, TS Entertainment, said in a statement.

The four member girl group held their first showcase in Tokyo on July 6th. They have been receiving Japanese private classes for six months now in preparation of their Japanese debut.

“Officials from Japan are keeping their eyes on Secret as the next K-Pop girl group to follow in the footsteps of SNSD and Kara. The powerful sound and flashy performance of ‘Madonna’ is already garnering a lot of attention from Japanese fans. Secret will continue to showcase their emotional songs and strong vocal skills to be recognized as a talented, leading K-Pop group,” TS Entertainment said.

Secret has left for Japan on August 2nd and will stay there for a week to do initial promotions. They are also scheduled to appear on Fuji TV, BS Japan, and TV Tokyo, while holding a fan signing event on August 6th as well.