SECRET‘s Jeon Hyosung recently uploaded a series of photos where she showcased a series of adorable poses in her pink one-piece dress.


In her photos, she appeared to look thinner than before as her signature sexy image was replaced by the cutest goddess ever seen!

hyosung diet 3


However, netizens soon began criticizing her for losing weight. They claimed she lost her curves that were her “signature charm” and demanded that she go back to being sexy.

hyosung diet 2

hyosung diet netziens


During her promotions with SECRET, Hyosung was always known for her seductive, sultry image.

hyosung weight change 2


Thanks to her naturally curvaceous figure, she quickly rose to fame as a sexy queen in the K-Pop industry.

hyosung weight change 4


But whether Hyosung is turning up the heat in her sexy swimsuits…

hyosung weight change 6


… or choosing to be flirtatious and girly in an adorable dress, she still rocks at life by being her goddess self! And netizens can’t take that away from her!

hyosung diet 1