On the most recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Secret‘s Hyoseong made an appearance on the show and made the shocking revelation that around half of her ex-boyfriends cheated on her.

40 to 50% of my relationships ended with me being cheated on.

– Hyoseong



She even shared a story about the time she witnessed her boyfriend cheating on her in person.

One time, I saw my boyfriend’s text messages. I noticed that he kept looking at his phone while he was with me, so I thought it was weird and took a look. It said, ‘Baby.’

– Hyoseong


But when she asked her boyfriend about it, he wasn’t truthful.

When I asked what their relationship was, he said it was a guy. So I asked him to call that person, but he stopped me and said they game together sometimes. He said his nickname in the game was ‘Honey’.

– Hyoseong


In response, Muzie jumped in and said,

When men get cornered, they get immature.

– Muzie


And Hyoseong responded,

I think I know a thing or two about bad boys. There are those who keep their options to all women while there are those who are only affectionate with me.

– Hyoseong


Hyoseong might not have a very good track record thus far, but here’s hoping she meets someone who truly values her.


Don’t lose hope, Hyoseong!