Recently, an online post explaining the secret meanings behind some of the top girl groups was posted on an online community board. It gives insight into the true meanings behind some dozen girl groups’ names, impressing many fans for its creativity.

According to the post, Girls’ Generation is supposed to mean “The generation of girls’ domination has come.” 2NE1 stands for “New evolution in the 21st century. Always show challenging and innovative music, just like the age of 21.” The Wonder Girls mean “The girls who will shock the world,” while Kara is a word for, “Sweet melody.”

Meanwhile, it said 4minute means, “We’ll get your attention in 4 minutes,” while f(x) stands for “Just like a numerical formula, where the value changes based on ‘x,’ we will promote in Asia with each member’s unique talent and charms.”

T-ara, however, represents “We will wear the crown after becoming the music queen,” while miss A means “We will become Asia’s top star with A-class talent in every aspect.” SISTAR means “We will become big star with a friendly image, just like a sister + star.”

A Pink was a bit more creative as they combined A Cube Entertainment and the color pink, which is supposed to represent women. Davichi is the English spelling of the Korean words for “Da Bit Eee,” or the literal meaning of “All shining.” Meanwhile, Secret, Girls’ Day, and After School didn’t have many other meanings than its literal definition.

Netizens commented, “Interesting, had no idea about this,” “It’s so hard to come up with girl group names,” “I’m totally digging SISTAR’s name.”

Which girl group name do you like the most?