Former Secret members Jun Hyosung, Song Ji Eun, and Jung Hana recently met up for an adorable reunion!

On January 26, both Jun Hyosung and Song Ji Eun posted photos of the three former bandmates enjoying a meal together at a restaurant. Jun Hyosung also wrote in the caption, “I think we spent 8 hours just chatting, hehehe.”

Song Ji Eun shared the same photos and joked in the caption, “What is that we were trying to capture?”

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우리..뭘 찍고 싶었던걸까????

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After debuting together in 2011 under TS Entertainment, Secret promoted as a four-member group up until 2016, when Han Sun Hwa announced her departure from both the group and the agency. Jun Hyosung, Song Ji Eun, and Jung Hana continued to promote as a group until early 2018, when both Song Ji Eun and Jun Hyosung left TS Entertainment and filed lawsuits to confirm the invalidity of their contracts with the agency.

Jun Hyosung went on to sign with new agency Tommy & Partners Entertainment last October, while Song Ji Eun signed with Haewadal Entertainment earlier this week.