Secret has announced earlier that they will be holding a handshake event in Tokyo to celebrate the release of their first Japanese single. However fans in Western Japan in cities such as Osaka, were upset about it and requested an extra event to be held in Osaka.

The girls has been receiving much attention in Japan even before their official debut. Their “Premium Debut Live” event held on July 6th was a great success, which attracted more than 50,000 fans applied for the tickets.

To celebrate the release of their first Japanese single, “Madonna”, it was announced that a handshake event will be held in Tokyo on August 6th. Yet the announcement upset fans in Osaka once only fans in Tokyo get to see the girls. Fans made their requests through writing mails to the agency, “We want the girls to come to Osaka as well, not just Tokyo.” “Both the debut live and the handshake event are held in Tokyo only, when will fans in Western Japan get to meet the girls?” The agency received early 1,000 message from fans, thus an extra handshake event in Osaka on August 7th is confirmed today.

For further information on the event, check out Secret’s official Japanese page.