Secret‘s Jun Hyosung has recently revealed her current weight and has attracted much attention.

On the episode of “Strong Heart” that aired on October 2, she revealed, “Before our come back, I lost 3kg so now I am 47kg.”

Hyosung explained that after she finished her diet, she took a picture and posted it on her SNS account. Then the picture was picked up by reporters, who published articles such as “Jun Hyosung’s Cheek Fat is Missing,” and others. Hyosung commented, “To celebrate the end of my diet, I posted a photo of myself but I saw someone comment, ‘You’re the first girl that I got to dislike because of weight loss,’ and it hurt me a lot,” and “I didn’t even lose that much weight but I guess I didn’t take the picture too well. I still have a lot of cheek fat.”

Hyosung continued, “Before I was about 50kg but portal sites have me as 45 kg. Because people were like ‘How is she 45kg’ and even I knew I didn’t look like that at all so I revealed that I was 50kg through broadcast. After I revealed this, all of my profiles were edited. Now I’ve lost 3kg so please edit my profiles again,” which made everyone laugh.

Netizens who watched this episode commented, “She can’t even diet the way she wants because of fans,” “You’re still pretty even if you lost weight,” “Uncle fans do not want diets,” and more.

Meanwhile, other guests such as Park Ki Woong, Kim Jin Ah, Han Sunhwa, Oh In Hye, Moon Hee Joon and Shin So Yool appeared and shared their stories.