Female idol group Secret’s Hyosung recently posted a few pictures of herself that grabbed the attention of fans.

On the afternoon of March 30, the singer wrote on her personal twitter account, “Secret Time and Superstar, how are you guys doing?” along with some pictures of herself.

“Secret Time” is the name of Secret’s fan club while “Superstar” is the name of Hyosung’s fan club. Through her twitter post, the singer sent out a friendly greeting message to her fans while showing off her recent look as well.  

In the revealed photos, Hyosung is showing off a variety of cute expressions for the camera. She is casually touching her bangs in the first picture and making a surprised expression in the second picture. She finishes it off with a cute expression in the final picture. Her pouted lips and bloated cheeks brought smiles to many fans.

It has been revealed that Hyosung recently lost 5kg (about 11lbs), and we can see the evident changes in these photos. Fans quickly noticed the singer’s slimmer jawline and face.

In response, they left her a variety of positive comments such as, “You seem to be aging backwards,” “We (your fans) are doing well,” and “Your expressions are so cute.”