On September 26, Secret‘s Hyosung hosted her own live kimbap-making show on Naver’s V app, and B.A.P‘s Himchan got to try some of her homemade kimbap during the broadcast!

In order to celebrate Chuseok, Hyosung dresses in hanbok (with a cute cat apron to protect it) for her show. She gives some tips on how to use leftover holiday food to make delicious kimbap, and then admits, “I know how this is made in theory, but this is my first time trying to do it!”


After she’s done preparing the kimbap, she gets Himchan to come on screen to try it himself. He teases her about how it looks, and doesn’t give her a great review on the first kind of kimbap. But he says the second roll, which has a perilla leaf in it, is delicious!

hyosung himchan

Hyosung tries to give him all the remaining kimbap as he leaves, but he says, “I’m on a diet!”

Once he’s gone, Hyosung then tries out the kimbap herself and is thrilled with the taste. “It’s totally delicious!” she says, giving the camera two big thumbs up.


You can follow Hyosung on V app to catch more of her fun broadcasts!

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