Secret’s Hyosung showed off her perfect bagel-girl body in Japan.

(Bagel girl means that she has an innocent face and glamorous body)

Recently a clip titled, “Hyosung Sexy Concept in Japan,” was posted on an online community site.

The clip is about Secret’s recent performance with “Twinkle Twinkle,” in Japan. They showed very cute choreography on the stage and the clip was edited mainly for Hyosung.

In the clip, Secret members are wearing a sleeveless one piece made of silk and a hat with laces. the costume resembles bunny girl.

The entertainment world’s official bagel-girl Hyosung stood out the most. This tight costume showed off Hyosung’s glamorous body and it was enough to make people admire.

Netizens who saw this clip showed verities of reactions, “Hyosung as expected,” “I don’t think it would be easy to find this body even in Japan,” “God-made perfect body,” and “Other members look relatively scanty compared to Hyosung.”