Secret’s 23-year old Hyosung thinks she’s too old to act cute. On April 9, the sexy “honey thigh” member of Secret tweeted, “I guess I’m too old now, but it feels really awkward to act cute. I want to sing ‘Shy Boy’ 10 years from now…the last picture is an error cut, just smile.”

In the first couple of photos, Hyosung is seen making a sweet facial expression that earned her the nickname, “Bagel Girl (babyface + glamorous body).” Even with very little make up on, Hyosung still manages to look sexy and cute at the same time. The last photo, which she playfully dubbed the “error photo,” shows her intentionally close her eyes for a cuter look, making her uncle fans go wild.

Netizens that came across the photos commented, “You’re making me angry Hyosung,” “Your skin makes you look 15 years old,” “I’m 33 but I’m still acting cute~!”