The adorable twins that first won hearts on “The Return of Superman” recently shot a pictorial on April 21 with fashion magazine Elle.

Seo Eon Seo Jun Moon Jung Won

They appeared in the photo shoot with their mother, Moon Jung Won. In order to keep the kids interested, the photo shoot took place with fun toys, bubbles, and paint.

The boys are dressed in brightly colored activewear, from complementary tank tops and shorts to sneakers and baseball caps. The clothes are perfect for the twins, who are known for running around 24/7 and causing mischief.

Seo Eon Seo Jun

In one adorable picture, Seo Jun puts on a Batman mask and a Superman cape, channeling his inner superhero.

Seo Jun

You can see more of the pictorial in the May issue of Elle. You can catch the twins in the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” below:

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