Seo In Guk is unfortunately still waiting for the verdict on his enlistment.

On March 28, Seo In Guk enlisted to the military as an active duty soldier, however, in just four days, he was sent home due to a medical condition. On April 10, his agency Jellyfish Entertainment said, “Nothing has changed. We are still waiting for the date of his medical re-examination.”

Seo In Guk was sent home on March 31 from the military due to an osteochondral lesion of the talus. This condition often causes chronic pain and weakness in the ankle. It has been relayed that usually, re-examinations are held within two to three weeks.

The agency said at the time, “He tried to do his best to serve after his enlistment, but unfortunately, Seo In Guk has been sent home according to military law, regardless of his determination,” and explained that he will be reexamined at the regional Military Manpower Administration office for possible reentry into the army.

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