Gong Hyo Jin and Seo In Gook have enjoyed a lovely laundry date together!

New stills for the upcoming SBS drama “Master’s Sun” reveal Gong Hyo Jin and Seo In Gook meeting for the first time while hanging up laundry on a sunny day.

Gong Hyo Jin plays Tae Gong Shil, who starts seeing ghosts after an unfortunate accident. Seo In Gook plays Kang Woo, who works at a security firm due to his wish to protect others. The two are neighbors in the same apartment complex and work in the same shopping mall that So Ji Sub (who plays Joo Joong Won) owns.

This laundry date scene was filmed on June 25 at a rooftop apartment in Seoul. After moving to the building, Kang Woo was curious about the rooftop where he meets Gong Shil, asleep under the sun. The scene shows Kang Woo peering through the waving sheets and Gong Shil thinking that Kang Woo is a ghost.

It is reported that the two hit it off right away despite never working together before. Sources commented, “We were worried that the two of them might feel awkward toward each other but they really did a good job in portraying the scene,” and “Please be excited for Gong Hyo Jin and Seo In Gook’s first scene together.”

“Master’s Sun” is set to air on August 7.

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