Seo In Gook recently posed for a “1st Look” magazine pictorial.

He shed his friendly and soft image and went for a more chic and charismatic look. The photos also highlight Seo In Gook’s chiseled upper body line and his masculinity.

Seo In Gook is currently playing the role of Yoon Yoon Jae in the tvN drama, “Respond 1997” and is gaining much popularity. When he was asked how he felt about his growing success, he answered, “I feel good. I am definitely feeling a lot of happiness while acting.”

Seo In Gook’s use of the Kyeongsangdo “saturi” or dialect is also becoming a hot topic. He commented, “Yoon Jae uses saturi in his past but he speaks standard Korean in his present days. So I have to take that into account even more. When I’m acting out Yoon Jae of the present, I have to try hard not to let the saturi come out.” He also shared one of his acting philosophies, which is to try to act as if he is just living his everyday life.

Check out the photos and the video from this “1st Look” pictorial below: