After releasing the music video for “Shake It Up“, Seo In Guk revealed a behind-the-scenes video on Jelly Fish Entertainment‘s YouTube Channel.

The music video features special guest cameos from singers Jewelry, Mighty Mouth, Norazo and T-ara‘s Ji Yeon. For behind-the-scenes, it shows Seo In Guk shooting and interacting with his special guests. This includes Norazo’s JoBin teaching Seo In Guk some dance moves, individual scenes with T-ara’s Ji Yeon, and all the stars move to the dance floor later.



With the upbeat melodies and happy tune, “Shake It Up” will be the memorable summer anthem song.

His new digital single can be purchased here. Check out also his website, and follow his update through his Twitter and Facebook.

Source : Jelly Fish Ent