Though Seo In Young is known for her unique and fierce looks, in her recent music video, she successfully transformed into a tragic damsel in distress.

Seo In Young’s new mini album “Re Birth” was released on June 10, containing her title song “Lies” along with three other songs.

“Lies” is a retro hip hop song with a swings groove that tells a lying man to stop fooling around and leave. Kanto’s rap featuring especially spices the song up.

The lyrics of “Lies,” such as “I don’t need anymore explanations/ I can’t listen to even the truth/ I don’t care who comes anymore/ It just doesn’t have to be you… You’re a liar/ When you’re out of sight/ All you do is lie/ Whenever you open your mouth you lie” show the sorrow of a an emotionally shattered woman.

During her showcase, Seo In Young said, “A lot of Korean unique factors have been incorporated within the song despite its R&B color. While my company and I were pondering over the right song choice, especially since many people were expecting a dance ballad song, we determined that ‘Lies’ was the perfect song.”

Meanwhile, in the revealed movie, Seo In Young and Kanto star as the main leads. Kanto seduces a girl at a bar, while Seo In Young waits for her cheating lover. While the tow reunite at the end of the music video, the sad light in her eyes show that it is far from a happy ending.

seo in young seo in young 2

Meanwhile, Seo In Young made her first comeback performance through SBS MTV’s “The Show.”

Watch her new music video below!

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