Seo In Young, the newest permanent member on the “Witch Hunt” panel, talked about why she has decided to join the program.

She said, “I joined the permanent panel to get Heo Ji Woong‘s number.”

Previously, Seo In Young has been a guest on the program and had created a flirty atmosphere with Heo Ji Woong. On this she confidently said, “I was sure that I would be back on ‘Witch Hunt.’” She added to Heo Ji Woong, “You said you’ll give me your number. Why haven’t you given it to me? Are you playing games with me?”

Shin Dong Yup said, “You are not allowed to date your coworkers; especially not while you’re on the same program,” bringing laughter to everyone on the set.

Seo In Young didn’t give up, saying “You never know what will happen in the future.”

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