Singer Seo In Young and rapper Crown J were one of the first three virtual married couples on “We Got Married” when it first aired back in 2008. The duo was very popular on the show, and stayed on for over forty episodes. However, one of the things that made the two famous was Seo In Young’s temper.

On June 9’s episode of Mnet‘s “4 Things Show,” Seo In Young reads some comments from netizens about the way she acted on “We Got Married.” One netizen writes that if his girlfriend acted like Seo In Young, he wouldn’t be able to spend even an hour with her, adding that it exhausts him to even watch Seo In Young on screen.

Seo In Young bursts out laughing at this. “To be honest,” she says, “I’m the same way when I watch ‘We Got Married.’ I can see that guys might think I was an unlikable character.”

“I felt really sorry for my virtual husband,” she admits. “Actually, I called him to apologize. I was like, ‘Was I that bad? You know I was doing it to be funny, right?’”

seo in young 2

Her friend actress Hong Soo Ah says, “To me, she was just really cute. But other people… they’d just sigh when they saw it.”

hong soo ah
Noel‘s Kang Kyun Sung adds, “Seo In Young is different depending on who she’s interacting with. If she meets someone with a strong personality, she’s the same way too. If she meets a warm person, she becomes warm too. So the way she seemed on ‘We Got Married’ isn’t all there is to her.”

kang kyun sung

Hong Soo Ah also comments, “Seo In Young’s image on the show isn’t really how she is.”

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