A photo of Seo In Young wearing an interesting graphic pair of stockings became a hot, trending topic in online community forums after the photo was snapped of Seo In Young leaving the recording studio for SBS Inkigayo.  

In the photos shot of her, Seo In Young sports a sexy, tough chick look as the fashion trendsetting queen.

What especially drew the attention of many netizens were the unique graphic stockings she was wearing underneath her short shorts that gave the impression that she had gotten her legs scribbled on. The coveted item has become known by all fans as “Seo In Young’s graphic stockings” and is quickly becoming a must-have for all fashionistas. 

Netizens who saw the photos remarked with, “I thought for a minute she had someone draw artwork on her legs!”, “Seo In Young’s graphic stockings are unique,” “Those stockings sure make a statement,” “Seo In Young, you’re the fashion trend queen!” and “It’ll only be a matter of time before Seo In Young’s graphic stockings become a popular must-have item this season.” 

Seo In Young has been busy with promoting her track “Let’s Dance,” returning as a dancing queen with a rocker girl concept for dress. She has been receiving much love from her fans for her unique fashion style on and off stage.