Singer Seo Taiji is facing tax evasion allegations.

This is because of the current expansion of Seo Taiji’s 3 billion won (about 3 million USD) worth property in Pyeong Chang. MBN reported on March 8, Seo Taiji has been undergoing this expansion project for his home since 2010 and he has reported this home to be a multi-family property instead of his own personal property. He also reported the construction expenses to amount to only 1 billion won when actually, it amounts to about 1.9 billion won.

However, sources from Seo Taiji’s agency quickly stated that this is a false statement. They said, “Ever since the design stage of the residence, there were contemplations on whether it is a private, personal residence or a two-family residence. However, they reached a decision of making it a private, personal residence and this was reported on December 5 of 2011 to the district office. This residence is being built for Seo Taiji and his parents so it was first investigated as a multi-family residence but it has been changed to a private residence.”

Seo Taiji has faced many difficulties in the past, especially the divorce lawsuit with Lee Ji Ah and he is facing another one as of the moment. However, it has been revealed that he will defend himself with the means of the law and of the construction company.

Seo Taiji’s agency stated, “There have been problems with the construction company. Even when they were fully compensated, they did not carry on with their work. They even asked for additional compensation, so we ended up halting the construction. This situation was not acceptable anymore so on November 1 of 2011, we announced that we would terminate the contract with the construction company and on December 26, we presented the courts with multiple legal documents.”

It seems like Seo Taiji’s agency is pretty prepared to defend these allegations. Stay tuned on Soompi for more news on this matter.