Actress Seo Ye Ji‘s past skinship scenes are making their way into headlines as her controversy with actor Kim Jung Hyun continues to shock the nation.

Actor Kim Jung Hyun (left), actress Seo Ye Ji (right) | Yonhap News

Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun have been swept up in an attitude and skinship controversy after alleged text messages between the two have been revealed by Dispatch. According to the news agency, the two actors were previously in a romantic relationship after working together on Stay With Me back in early 2018. Later that year, Kim Jung Hyun began working on a new drama called The Time. He worked alongside Girls’ Generation member Seohyun, but his hostile attitude towards her during their production made its way into the spotlight due to his cold behaviors.

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Scene from “Stay With Me” | EVR Studio

According to Dispatch and the alleged text messages, it was revealed that Kim Jung Hyun acted cold towards Seohyun at the request of Seo Ye Ji. She demanded that he edit scenes with any physical touch and that he act sternly towards to not only Seohyun, but all the female staff on set. Seo Ye Ji allegedly texted Kim Jung Hyun to “edit it so there’s no romance. No skinship, no romance.” Due to this, Kim Jung Hyun has been photographed looking cold and uninterested numerous times, causing backlash for the actor.

During this same time period, however, Seo Ye Ji was filming for her own drama and her skinship scenes in the series are making their way into headlines due to the hypocrisy.

Seohyun (left), Kim Jung Hyun (right) | MBC

Seo Ye Ji filmed for her tvN drama, Lawless Lawyer in 2018, which was the same year as Kim Jung Hyun’s The Time. However, while the actress asked for her then boyfriend to omit all skinship scenes, Seo Ye Ji filmed all of her intimate scenes as scripted. There were numerous scenes of the actress being embraced in bed by her male lead counterpart, Lee Joon Ki. They also shared deep kisses and continual touch throughout the duration of the series.

Seo Ye Ji and Lee Joon Ki in “Lawless Lawyer” | tvN

If the Dispatch reports are true, this would mean that while Seo Ye Ji opposed Kim Jung Hyun’s skinship and interactions with other women, the actress had no problem with it when it came to herself.

| tvN

As these scenes resurface in light of the controversy, Seo Ye Ji has been receiving even more backlash from the public. Netizens have been calling out the actress for her hypocritical behavior, going as far as accusing her of gaslighting Kim Jung Hyun.

| theqoo

  • “She made ‘The Time’ tank in failure, but for her own production’s skinship she had no problem and did them all.”
  • “She gaslighted him for sure.”
  • “If she does it, it’s romance but if he does it, it’s an affair. They both just enjoyed it.”
  • “They’re both psychotic.”
  • “They’re both hopeless.”
  • “Do we need to know their personal reasons? Regardless of it all, he messed up. It’s like he didn’t want to go down by himself.”
  • “I do pity Kim Jung Kyun. No one is defending him, but it’s not right that everyone is making Seo Ye Ji a victim. They’re both f**king stupid.”
  • “Oh my god…she’s an actual psycho.”

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Both Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun’s agencies stepped forward with official statements addressing the controversy, stating that they were unaware of the situation and they would look more into it. No further updates have been made since.