The Girls’ Generation youngest member Seohyun revealed that the older Girls’ Generation members forced her to drink bombs! (Bombs are drinks where you mix beer with hard liquor such as soju, whiskey, vodka, or sake.)

For the episode of “Strong Heart” that was broadcast on March 6 Seohyun stated, “After the Japanese tour we had a drinking party with the members. The Girls’ Generation members used a big cup to make bombs.”

Then Seohyun talked about her drinking, “I lost in a game with the unnis and drank the first bomb of my life.”

So who were the culprits behind this?

We don’t know for sure but, before we had reported that Sunny loves Soju bombs. On February 11 for an episode of KBS “Invincible Youth 2” Sunny had said “Soju bombs are the best. Hello my name is ‘Alcohol Gyu.’” (This is a play on words with her real name)