Seoul’s mayor, Park Won Soon, was declared missing earlier today after his daughter called the police to report her father’s disappearance. One news outlet has reported that he has passed away, but those reports were proven false by the police.

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Park Won Soon’s daughter reported him missing earlier this afternoon at 5:17, prompting a massive police search around Seoul’s Sungbuk area, which was the last place Park Won Soon’s cell phone signal was detected.

About 4-5 hours ago, my father left the house after saying something that sounded like his will.

— Park Won Soon’s daughter

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan government confirmed that Park Won Soon did not go to work today for health reasons, and he even cancelled all of his schedules for the day.

One news outlet speculated the reason for his disappearance was that there was a new set of #MeToo allegations directed towards him, but the police confirmed this was not the case. Another news outlet reported his body was found near a Sungkyunkwan park, but that report was also proven false by police.

Police are currently still conducting investigations on Park Won Soon, and they have roped off his house in order to proceed with their investigations.


Police have also brought their K9 unit to assist with the investigation.