Despite its prestigious name value, Seoul National University is facing troubles with sexual harassment.

According to SBS, Professor Park Oh Soo of the economics department was expelled from Seoul National University after being accused of sexual harassing students.

The case was first introduced by an exclusive report from SBS four months ago on February 4. According to victims and witnesses, the professor would bluntly spit out crude comments to his students.

Witnesses claimed that he said, “I heard you’ve gone all the way with your boyfriend? If so, I guess a kiss with me is not a problem.”

Another witness said, “He had his arm around the waist of a female student, while he kissed the cheek of another girl from across the table. He then kissed the hand of someone else.”

According to victims, he also sexually provoked his students, saying, “What’s your bra size? Try taking sexy pictures. When a man seduces a woman they call it sexual harassment, but it’s not so when a woman seduces a man. You should seduce me. Do you think you can do it?”

The professor also privately contacted his students, claiming that he was still young at heart and would be a great boyfriend.

By being expelled from the school, Professor Oh will not be able to work for the government nor as an educator for the next five years, and his pension will also be reduced by half.

Meanwhile, another investigation of sexual harassment is going on in Sungkyunkwan University. According to JTBC, both students and fellow colleagues have been victims of his rude comments and uncomfortable intimacy.

The accused Sungkyunkwan University professor has confessed to most of his crimes and his punishments will be revealed on June 12.

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