On June 18, Seungjae’s father Go Ji Yong came up with a plan to help Seungjae overcome his fear of water in KBS 2TV’s “The Return Of Superman.”

Go Ji Yong talked about Seungjae’s fear of water, explaining, “[Seungjae] doesn’t go in the pool whenever we visit one.”

As a solution, Go Ji Yong took Seungjae to a riverside where there were tadpoles and frogs. When Seungjae saw the tadpoles, he brought up the courage to catch them and said, “I want to go in the water.” However, he immediately backed away from the water in his first attempt.

The second scheme that Go Ji Yong prepared was to place Seungjae’s favorite toy dinosaur on a rock in the middle of the river. Go Ji Yong told Seungjae, “You have to save it,” to lure him into the water.

Finally, Seungjae got in the water and successfully saved his toy dinosaur.

Watch the latest episode of “The Return Of Superman” below!

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