As we reported before Big Bang’s Seungri revealed on the March 27 episode of “Strong Heart” that he had introduced 2NE1’s Sandara Park to male celebrities.

Seungri said, “Although Sandara Park said that she has never dated, she is a scary girl. I introduced her to a male celebrity before. Sandara Park is popular among male celebrities. I introduced her to two Lee Seung Gi style celebrities and one gentle male celebrity.”

He continued, “The third celebrity waited in front of Sandara Park’s house and for Sandara Park to come out. However, Sandara Park did not go out to meet the celebrity.”

Sandara Park stated, “That male celebrity was very aggressive and I was afraid that he would leave me after seeing the real me.”

Se7en added more information. Se7en stated, “These days Sandara Park sends me texts asking how this guy is. She has now asked me about nearly 5 guys.”

Se7en continued, “Sandara Park’s problem is that she is not good at picking out guys. All the men she asked me about were not manly, had bad personalities, or did not have good manners.”

When asked who the male celebrities were, Se7en answered, “Sandara Park likes younger men. She does not feel emotions for people that are the same age or older than her. She likes ‘flower boys’ such as Lee Seung Gi.”

The March 27 episode of “Strong Heart” was a “YG Family Special” that had Sean, Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Tablo, Psy, and Gummy. There was a total 13 YG members on the special.