On March 20, Seungri posted a how-to dance video for BIGBANG’s “Bad Boy” on his me2day. He wrote, “Seungri Academy’s 2nd Dance Lesson! Today is Bad Boy’s ‘Soong guri dang dang’ dance~ It is easy learning when you learn it like this right?

This is what Seungri is saying in the video:

Hello I am BIGBANG’s Seungri. This is Gon and Deuk who will help out today. The choreography that you will learn today is BIGBANG’s “Bad Boy.” It is known as the “soong guri dang dang” dance and it is very easy.

Everyone let’s give it a try. First, move your body to the write like it is dropping. 1, 2, 3, 4. Next you spread your legs. Let your shoulders loose, then shake your hips four times. Do you want to try it together?

My lay lay lay lay lady~” “My lay lay lay lay lady~

It’s done now. Let’s try it altogether once.”