Today Big Bang’s loveable maknae, Seungri updated his Me2Day account with a sweet and hopeful message.  In his post he shared his feelings regarding Big Bang, this is what he had to say, “I want it to be five people ^^ for a lifetime.”  Along with his uplifting message he posted a photo of the five together.

After all of the tumultuous goings on with fellow member Daesung, as of late, Seungri’s words are more than welcome supportive and positive breaths of fresh air.  His sentiments come right after the YG Entertainment and Avex press conference where, along with a new label being developed (among other things), the futures of YG artists were discussed. Big Bang was mentioned and addressed as being five members.  Which is another promising sign that the ‘smiling angel’ Daesung will be rejoining his fellow Big Bang members, making them five once more sometime in the future.  Here is hoping that both sources are correct in their feelings and predictions for the future of Big bang.  For a moment, after all this turmoil, VIPs can release a refreshing sigh as they look to the happy times ahead for Big Bang.

Source: Seungri’s Me2Day
Translation: [email protected]