With reports that SEVENTEEN would be flying to the United States to prepare for their comeback at the beginning of this month, news has come out that they are currently in Los Angeles to film video content, including a music video.

According to multiple sources in the industry, SEVENTEEN recently flew to the U.S. and will be staying there for about two weeks. The group plans to try out a variety of new projects. Though it was first reported that they would only be filming a music video, it looks like that isn’t the case and the album is still being put together.

As usual, SEVENTEEN’s members are set to have an active role in this upcoming album. Woozi will be in charge of production for the album while the other members will contribute to the album’s lyric writing and music composition. True to their “self-made idol” title, they are set to create an album that reflects their unique color and talent.

Are you excited for SEVENTEEN to make their comeback in May?

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