SEVENTEEN‘s DK appeared on Get In The Car for an easy-going interview about himself and his members.

On top of selecting the member who understood him most and the one he still felt some awkwardness with, he had fun picking out who took the crown for being overly confident.

seventeen dk

Not wasting any time, the female host asked which of the thirteen took the top spot. “The most narcissistic member?” Without much hesitation, DK chose the performance team leader: “Hoshi.

DK demonstrated the reason why he earned the number one spot. In a soft voice, he imitated how Hoshi congratulates himself after performing. “After the stage, he says, ‘Hoshi, you worked hard. You did so well today.’

2 get in the car seventeen dk hoshi

Though it seems encouraging rather than overly confident, Hoshi’s delivery of the lines might be what takes it over the top for DK.

seventeen hoshi

See him put the spotlight on Hoshi’s high confidence level.