SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi isn’t the only member in the group who follows his own rules, becoming the only one to get demoted in their own fan cafe for not reading the fine print. During his latest audio-only live broadcast, DK proved he was just as much of a rule breaker.

seventeen dk

Since the group performs unreleased songs exclusively for their concerts, Pledis Entertainment posted a notice to Twitter notifying fans not to share the recordings that were made of them.

Not all fans agreed with this because those songs are only performed for concerts in Korea, leaving international fans out of the equation. They’re not alone; DK isn’t a fan of the rule either.

seventeen dk

When a Carat asked DK to sing Woozi‘s unreleased song “What Kin Of Future”, he didn’t hesitate to give everyone what they wanted.

seventeen woozi

Rebelling against Pledis Entertainment’s announcement, DK played a fan’s recording of Woozi’s concert performance of the song. It wasn’t just any fan’s recording either. He pointed out that it was a specific fansite’s, “That’s right. It’s Vobonim‘s.”

The fact that DK not only broke the company’s rule but also gave a shout out to a fansite had Carats totally amused. That’s at least two points for DK and zero for Pledis Entertainment.

seventeen dk

Check out the recording of Woozi that DK used here, which has over one million views.