Rookie group SEVENTEEN is off to a great start as their album “17 CARAT” ranks number nine in Billboard‘s World Albums chart in a short time since their debut.

The group is only into one week of their promotions with “Adore U,”  the title song of “17 CARAT,” and they have already entered the Billboard chart, setting a record for the shortest time recorded yet.

billboard SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN is also receiving great love from overseas fans, who watched them on a debut program documenting their four-year training session long before their debut.

This success is proved by the number of views that “Adore U” got, which is the highest among fellow rookie groups that have debuted this year. The music video was revealed on May 29 and it rose to 900,000 views by June 5, just after one week.

The group’s other social media networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are also gaining a great amount of followers which proves their quick rise to stardom.

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