As they’re growing more and more into senior idols, that doesn’t mean SEVENTEEN aren’t keeping up with the newest trends. Hoshi snapped a photo of a unique package he’d managed to get his hands on.

Although its outer appearance could’ve fooled him, fans already had an idea of what it was.

1 seventeen hoshi

Through Weverse, Hoshi posted a photo of a yellow pizza box with black writing on it. He wrote, “I thought pizza arrived,” along with sounds of laughter and an emoji for pizza.

While the average person would’ve thought it was a special kind of Pizza Hut pizza, it wasn’t food at all.

1 seventeen hoshi weverse

Taking a closer look at the box’s logo, it’s actually a collaboration between Pizza Hut and clothing brand Romantic Crown. They partnered together to release exclusive items like t-shirts and sweatshirts.

pizza hut romantic crown

DK has been spotted wearing the items from the collection. In one of their recent live broadcasts, he was wearing the yellow t-shirt.

seventeen dk jeonghan

In a video message for Japanese fans, he wore the white sweatshirt with the design of a slice of pizza on the front.

In promotional photos for the collection, they placed the items in cleverly designed pizza boxes for a fun twist. Based on the global site, the t-shirt is only $36 USD and the sweatshirt $59 USD. Both appeared to be sold out.

romantic crown pizza hut

DK wasn’t the only one wearing items from the collection, though. In a selfie Hoshi took, he stylishly turned the key chain into an earring. Since he received the pizza box, it looks like Hoshi will be adding a new t-shirt or sweatshirt to match his accessory.

2 seventeen hoshi

Following Hoshi’s playful comment, Woozi joked about an actual pizza turning up in the box.

It wasn’t food he was after, though; it was fashion. Which top do you think Hoshi picked up? He could make the blue sweatshirt work.