In an interview with MTV, SEVENTEEN revealed what they would become if given a chance for another life, based on the title of their song “Second Life”.


The majority of the performance unit, except for Jun, decided to tackle the question.

seventeen hoshi dino the8

Hoshi would use the opportunity to travel the world. Rather than using regular transportation and being hindered by human emotions, he would become wind.

I want to become like the wind, having no emotions or any kind of greed, and travel around the world.

seventeen hoshi

Continuing the theme of nature, Dino would use his second life to soar in the sky as a bird.

If I were born again, I want to become a bird, so I can freely fly the sky.

seventeen dino

In contrast to his members, The8 is so satisfied with himself and his life that he wouldn’t mind living his life all over again.

I want to become myself again, if I were to be born again.

seventeen the8

Although their second lives are relatively different from each other, they actually fit their personalities.