SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua answered a question about their group that many fans would be curious about, especially with so many members.


At a fan signing, a Carat asked him which member he thought would be the first to get married. To make the decision easier, the fan listed four members with the option of writing in another.

seventeen joshua

Between Jeonghan, Hoshi, The8, and Mingyu, Joshua had his mind made up. He selected Hoshi. Although the fan had been too nervous to ask why Joshua had chosen him, it’s not hard to picture him as the first member to get married out of the group.

seventeen hoshi

Hoshi is perfect husband material. On the one hand, he’s able to focus and accomplish his goals; on another, he can be the funniest jokester.

All of that wrapped into one package, in addition to him staying close to the people he cares about, fans may have an idea of why Joshua picked him. Did you think Hoshi would be the one he chose?

seventeen joshua