SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua celebrates his 25th birthday with his fans through the Weverse app! While Joshua should be the one receiving gifts, it appears that he has turned the tables by blessing us with baby photos and fans are loving it.

seventeen josh
| @pledis_17/Twitter

Joshua recently shared two adorable baby pictures of himself on the Weverse app with the caption “Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Check out cute little baby Joshua:

Image from iOS (1)
| @Joshua/Weverse

Image from iOS
| @Joshua/Weverse

Fans commented on the post wishing Joshua a happy birthday and even thanking his mom for creating him. Check out the comments below:

Image from iOS (2)

Image from iOS (5)

Image from iOS (4)

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Of course, SEVENTEEN’s official Twitter also wished Joshua a happy birthday featuring another baby picture of him

Baby Joshua is clearly adorable and we wish him a happy birthday!