SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu wowed Carats with his recent visual upgrade, featuring a wild hair color change from black to chili pepper red.



Fans are now calling him “Kim Spicy” to better fit his hotness!

Mingyu 7


At the SEVENTEEN concert, Mingyu surprised Carats with this brand new do. Fans went wild for the refreshing look…

mingyu 6


… and were speechless for how steamy hot he looked, even in this bright shade of red.

mingyu 4


Mingyu seemed genuinely happy with his hair color as well…

mingyu 2


… as he rocked a pair of red sunglasses too!


Mingyu has always stood out among the SEVENTEEN members because of his towering height…

mingyu 5


… but now he’s impossible to miss, in spicy red!

mingyu 3


Carats are madly in love with the very nice Mr. Kim Spicy.