SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan, Jeonghan, Joshua, and Mingyu got to battle out their mukbang skills with the hosts of Tasty Guys, thanks to Seungkwan’s passionate self-promoting, and Carats were extremely satisfied to see the boys satisfy their appetites.

tasty guys


And of course, SEVENTEEN’s rising foodie and mukbang specialist Mingyu made the most of his time at the shoot, making sure he filled his belly to his liking!

mingyu main


From pizza…


… to Korean jokbal (pork dish)…


… Mingyu surprised not only the viewers but also the Tasty Guys show hosts with his love for food!

Wow, Mingyu really knows how to eat.

— Comedian Moon Se Yoon


SEVENTEEN’s appearance on Tasty Guys left Carats feeling kind of hungry — and moreover deeply satisfied to see the members treat themselves to a feast, after working hard at promoting their new album “An Ode” and track “Fear”.

seventeen main


Watch Mingyu’s mukbang here: