SEVENTEEN will be opening veteran singer Cho Yong Pil’s upcoming 50th anniversary concert!

On May 8, a representative for Cho Yong Pil announced that SEVENTEEN would be performing together with the singer during the opening stage of his sold-out concert in Seoul. The source stated, “SEVENTEEN is planning to take the stage for the opening performance of the Seoul concert of [Cho Yong Pil’s tour] that will be held at the Jamsil Sports Complex on May 12.”

The source also revealed that Cho Yong Pil had invited the idols after being impressed by their cover of one of his hit songs on the KBS show “Immortal Songs.” The representative commented, “SEVENTEEN was not originally scheduled to participate in this concert. Their appearance [at the concert] was discussed through ‘Immortal Songs,’ on which both artists recently appeared together, which is how their opening stage ultimately came about.”

During the May 5 episode of “Immortal Songs,” Cho Yong Pil was effusive in expressing his admiration for SEVENTEEN after seeing their cover of his legendary hit “Short Hair.” The singer enthused, “I knew that [SEVENTEEN] danced well, but I had no idea that they also sang this well. I was shocked, and I found [the performance] refreshing.”

Although the moment didn’t make it to air, Cho Yong Pil reportedly went on to declare, “I want to invite them to my concert.”

SEVENTEEN went on to win the episode with their performance, with Pledis Entertainment later commenting, “It was a true honor [for SEVENTEEN] just to be able to appear on Cho Yong Pil’s episode of the show.”

After kicking things off with his concert in Seoul on May 12, Cho Yong Pil will be touring Korea in celebration of the 50th anniversary of his debut as a singer.

Watch SEVENTEEN and Cho Yong Pil on the latest episode of “Immortal Songs” below!

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