It was not too long ago that SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan took to Weverse to introduce his new pet rock (Yes, you read that right).

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In his Weverse post, Jeonghan posted a picture of his pet rock wearing a hat. The rock even had a little home for himself! Along with the photo, Jeonghan wrote the caption, “This is Doljjong, it’s my companion ㅎㅎ.”

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Since then, Jeonghan updated his fans by showing off his pet rocks new living space upgrade. Instead of a small house, Doljjong is now in a spacious place with several luxurious items. Jeonghan has also answered several other intriguing questions Carats are curious about!

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So what do his SEVENTEEN members think about Jeonghan’s pet rock, S.Coups recently answered that very question. During a live broadcast, S.Coups was asked, “Are you going to raise a rock?” S.Coups cracked a smile from the question and replied, “No, I’m not.

S.Coups continued and shared that while he doesn’t really understand the appeal, he definitely respects Jeonghan’s desire to raise a rock.

Earlier, Jeonghan kept showing me pictures of his pet rock, but to be honest, I don’t really understand the idea, but I respect it.

— S.Coups

Looks like S.Coup’s won’t be adopting a pet rock anytime soon—He probably has his hands full as the group’s amazing leader anyway! If S.Coups did decide to take care of a rock later on, he has Jeonghan to show him the ropes.

Check out the clip below: